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V is for Vision - Driving Lessons in Basingstoke

Updated: May 13, 2023

Looking through car windscreen
V is for Vision

As you develop your skills during your driving lessons in Basingstoke, you will find that the biggest single danger to any driver is being unable to see properly. You won't be able to make the right decisions if you can't see the road clearly.

Always keep your windscreen, mirrors and windows clean and clear.

Wipers and washers

Make sure your wiper blades are efficient.

Make sure washers are working and keep the reservoir filled. Use an additive, it helps:

  • To prevent freezing in winter

  • To clear dead insects and smears off the windscreen in summer.

Misting up

Misting up of the mirror and glass inside the car affects your ability to see. Even on a summer's day a sudden shower can make the glass mist up inside.

  • Keep a dry cloth handy and clean all inside glass

  • Wipe the windows dry before you set out

  • Use your demisters. If your car has a heated windscreen, use it early. Also use your heated rear window to maintain your rear vision.

  • Open your windows to clear mist, if necessary.

  • If your car is fitted with air conditioning, this can assist with clearing windows.

Read your vehicle owner's handbook, and follow the maker's suggestions for effective heating and ventilation.

Many anti-mist and anti-frost accessories are available, including:

  • Liquid for keeping glass clear

  • De-icers

  • Prepared cloths

  • Electrically heated glass.

Warm, dry air works best, is by the far cheapest and is usually in plentiful supply once the engine has warmed up.

However, when you start from cold, you won't be able to create warm air, use a dry cloth or a chamois leather. If you have a passenger, ask them to help keep side windows clear, essential when manoeuvring.

Icy weather

If the weather is particularly icy, your windows and screen can be frozen over.

Give yourself plenty of time to clear the screen. Before setting out, wait until your demister and heater are working well enough to keep the whole of the screen and rear window clear.

Take care not to damage wiper blades, which may have frozen onto the windscreen or rear screen. Never use boiling water to clear the windscreen, you could break the glass.


Use dipped headlights in poor visibility (such as rain, drizzle, mist, or very poor light) so that other drivers can see you.

Rain can drastically reduce your view through the windscreen and windows and the outside driving mirrors.

The cleaner the glass, the sooner the wipers can clear the outside of the screen.

Always keep the washer bottle topped up.

Keep your speed down in very wet weather. Some windscreen wipers are not efficient enough to deal with very heavy rain.

In dirty weather conditions, clean your windscreen, windows, indicators and lights as often as necessary.

Remember: Whatever the weather, don't drive unless you can see properly all around.

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Oct 27, 2023

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