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Y is for Y-junctions - Driving Lessons in Basingstoke

Updated: May 13, 2023

Y Junction
Y is for Y-Junctions

As you develop your driving lessons in Basingstoke, you will find that Y-junctions can be deceptive because they often call for little change in direction.

Normally, the road going straight ahead has priority and minor roads have either 'Give Way' or 'Stop' signs. However, there are many exceptions. Watch out for oncoming vehicles positioned incorrectly. The drivers might have misjudged the junction.

Going straight ahead on the major road

  • Look well ahead for road signs and markings

  • Watch out for vehicles emerging to turn left or right

  • You must not overtake when approaching any junction.

Emerging from a minor road

If the angle of approach to the major road is very sharp and from the right, the view to your left may be restricted.

if you position your vehicle towards the major road at a right angle as you approach the 'Stop' or 'Give Way' lines, you will improve your view.

This is especially important if your vehicle has no rear side windows - a van for example.

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