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In evaluating my return to training on-road, I have to be alert to the risks to my pupils, myself, vehicle insurance, public indemnity, and public liability insurance. Failure to follow Government and HSE Guidance to provide a safe environment for pupils may breach HSE Regulations. 

Therefore, all lessons will be conducted with both pupils and myself wearing PPE, face coverings. Stringent cleaning procedures will be implemented before and after each lesson, and pupils will have to confirm that they are well and healthy before any lesson begins.

  1. Please wash your hands before entering the car

  2. Please use your own PPE (face mask) and disposable gloves if necessary

  3. Use hand sanitiser which I will make available

  4. Avoid touching your face or eyes at all times

  5. Only attend lessons if you and your household are well

  6. Leave a window open during all lessons

  7. Cancel immediately if you or anyone in your household show any signs of the virus

  8. Cancel immediately if you have a temperature above 37.5c

  9. Do not close any windows that have been left open for ventilation

  10. Always sneeze or cough into your arm or a tissue - do not sneeze or cough into your hand

  11. Learners with underlying health conditions should not take lessons at this stage.

The health and wellbeing of pupils, ourselves and those closest to us must be our primary consideration if we are able to return to work and conduct Driving Lessons safely.



Optimus operates a policy of 48 hours notice for cancelling or rearranging lessons. This enables time for me to contact another pupil to arrange another lesson so that I do not lose revenue on the cancellation. Please read below for more details.





Payment in full must be made at least 48 hours before the scheduled time and date of the next lesson, if payment is not received, the arranged lesson will not go ahead.


Payment can be made by Bank Transfer to the following Account:

Adrian Fedyk T/A Optimus School of Motoring 

Account Number 37985619

Sort Code 09 01 27​




An administration charge of £25 will be made for all refunds of pre-booked and pre-paid lessons if you decide not to continue your lessons with Optimus - 48 hours notice must be given otherwise you will also be charged for the full amount of the next  pre-paid lesson whether it be for 1hr, 1.5hrs or 2hrs. All lessons already given will be charged at the current Pay as You Go price of £45.00 per hour.




Optimus operates a policy of 48 hours notice for cancelling or rearranging lessons.

I would expect you to pay the full cost of a cancelled lesson when less than 48 hours notice is given, and pay the full cost of a lesson if you are late for an appointment and accept that the lesson will finish at the pre-arranged time.


Please ensure that you are fit to drive when you arrive for a lesson and agree to make full payment for the lesson should I deem you unfit to drive. I will cancel the lesson without notice if you appear unfit to drive - on the grounds of safety.


I will not cancel lessons unless due to a family emergency or for safety reasons. If I have to cancel your lesson at short notice, I will call you as soon as possible and normally offer compensation.​


I reserve the right to refuse the use of my car for the purpose of a Practical Driving Test if you do not successfully pass a Mock Test.





I will always be professional and courteous towards you and I expect the same back from my pupils.


Part of my training ensured that I am fully aware of my actions and that I do not cause offence. For your reassurance that I am fit to teach young people, I have an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Check (CRB) which is fully up to date.


Patience is a virtue, and I hope that your experience with Optimus demonstrates this.


I will always remain calm and in control.


If you are having any difficulty with the tasks you are being asked to perform, I will normally ask you to pull over and repeat the exercise so that you have more time to practice.





I am committed to turning up on time. If ever I am running late, I will call you as soon as possible.


It is extremely rare that I am unable to turn up at the time I say, but if I am unable to meet my commitments, I will go out of my way to fit you in at the next convenient time for you.


I will also pick up and drop off from a location that is most convenient for you, whether it be at home, work or college within the Basingstoke area.



Unlike some driving schools I have a strict policy that I will offer one-to-one tuition and you will never have another pupil in the car when you are met for your lesson. 


This practice (called piggybacking) can sometimes mean that some driving schools offer cheap prices, however your tuition will suffer as you end up spending half your lesson taking another pupil home.



With Optimus School of Motoring you will always receive the full time booked for the lesson.


I offer 1 hour, 1½ hour and 2 hour lessons. I normally recommend 1½ to 2 Hour Lessons to pupils as this has been shown to improve pupils progress particularly compared to a 1 hour lesson.


If at any point you feel that I am not honouring this commitment you should bring this to my attention and I will immediately remedy the situation.