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Z is for Zone of Vision - Driving Lessons in Basingstoke

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Zone of Vision
Z is for Zone of Zision

As you develop your driving lessons in Basingstoke, you will find that your Zone of Vision is what you can see as you look forward and to the side from your vehicle. As you approach a junction, your zone of vision onto the other road usually improves.

You may need to get very close before you can look far enough into another road to see if it's safe to proceed. The last few feet are often critical.

Sometimes parked vehicles restrict your view so much that you need to stop and inch forward for a proper view before you emerge.

Stop, then Peep & Creep forward

  • Look in every direction before you emerge

  • Keep looking as you join the other road

  • Be ready to stop

  • Use all information available to you - look through the windows of parked vehicles

  • Use reflections in shop windows to observe oncoming traffic.

Screen pillar obstruction

The windscreen pillars can cause obstructions to your view of the road. You should be aware of this effect, particularly when:

  • Approaching junctions and bends

  • Emerging from junctions.

You should be aware that some 4x4s have very large blind spots - they can obscure groups of pedestrians, a motorcyclist or a small car.

Other road users

It can be difficult to see some other road users, especially when you are emerging from a junction. Those who are particularly at risk are:

  • Pedestrians. They frequently cross at a junction and often find it difficult to judge the speed and course of approaching traffic

  • Cyclists. They can be difficult to see, because they can be easily obscured by trees and other objects, especially if they are riding close to the side of the road. They might be approaching at a higher speed than you expect

  • Motorcyclists. Like cyclists They are often less easy to see than other traffic, but they are likely to be moving much faster than cyclists.

Think Once

Think Twice

Think Bike!

And make sure it's safe to proceed.

Always remember - LSPSM - Look in your mirrors, Signal to other road users, Position your vehicle, Slow down, then Manoeuvre.

Never rely solely on a quick glance, give yourself time to take in the whole scene.

If another vehicle or a pedestrian is not in your zone of vision, you're not usually in theirs.

Making eye contact with other road users helps you to know whether they have seen you.


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