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Driving Lessons, Practical and Theory Tests will begin again from April 12th 2021.

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At this time the population does not have total immunity from COVID-19 and, as yet, although the rollout of the vaccines is progressing extremely well, the virus still has the potential to spread extensively.


All Driving Instructors, therefore, will need to remain alert and make their own risk assessments concerning the provision of a safe system of work. The health and wellbeing of pupils, ourselves and those closest to us must be our primary consideration if we are able to safely work.


I fully support the government and the DVSA and I will follow all advice given.


APRIL 12th 2021

To get the country up and running again after the lockdown, the situation will need to be well managed.  This will take the full commitment of everyone concerned, and for everyone to take as much time and care as possible to prevent any further spread of the Covid-19 virus. 


It could be a very long time before all businesses and life return to normal.  Please be patient with me as I try to get my business running again during this ‘New Normal’.


I also have to be alert to the risks to my pupils, myself, vehicle insurance, public indemnity, and public liability insurance. Failure to follow Government and HSE Guidance to provide a safe environment for pupils may breach HSE Regulations. 

Therefore, all lessons will be conducted with both pupils and myself wearing PPE, face coverings. Stringent cleaning procedures will be implemented before and after each lesson, and pupils will have to confirm that they are well and healthy before any lesson begins.


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  1. Please wash your hands before entering the car

  2. Please use your own PPE (face mask) and disposable gloves if necessary

  3. Use hand sanitiser which I will make available

  4. Avoid touching your face or eyes at all times

  5. Only attend lessons if you and your household are well

  6. Leave a window open during all lessons

  7. Cancel immediately if you or anyone in your household show any signs of the virus

  8. Cancel immediately if you have a temperature above 37.5c

  9. Do not close any windows that have been left open for ventilation

  10. Always sneeze or cough into your arm or a tissue - do not sneeze or cough into your hand

  11. Learners with underlying health conditions should not take lessons at this stage.


All driving instructors will reserve the right to withhold any driving lessons with students if they feel it is not safe. Lessons will not begin or continue should the pupil show signs of the virus.  This could include terminating a lesson partway through should I believe there is a substantial risk.


If a student also believes that they could be at risk from any instructor that begins to show any signs of the virus, then they can also request that the lesson be terminated at any time.  This could also mean that the pupil will lose their lesson fee if I believe that I am well and that there is no risk.

Driving Lesson
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Following advice from the DVSA, instructors will be encouraged to sanitise the vehicle in-between lessons, and I intend to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before and after each lesson.


This will include cleaning the door handles, steering wheel, switches, gear stick and handbrake – as well as any other surfaces. 


Please only touch the controls as required during your lessons.  Try to avoid any unnecessary contact with other surfaces if this is possible.


The DVSA has temporarily changed the way it conducts driving tests.  This has been done to ensure the safety of all members of its staff during this time.  These changes are beyond my control.


This could now mean that should a candidate make a serious or dangerous fault or accumulate more than 15 minor faults, the examiner will ask them to drive directly back to the test centre early, where they will be advised of the test result.

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